Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crowdsourced decision making?
The latest development in social media interaction between the public (the crowd) and the manufacturers. By presenting a selection of new products or entire product lines to the public asking them to vote for the product or type of product of their preference. With the knowledge from these contests the manufacturers can decide whether or not to take a product, a product line or a product range into production.
What is "Rank Your Pins"?
"Rank Your Pins" is a web application specially designed to support crowdsourced decision making. It is linked to a moodboard of a manufacturer on The manufacturer can setup a contest with Rank Your Pins and invite people to come to the contest. A clever algorithm behind the contesting software provides extremely useful information to the contest managers about the preferences of the target audience about their specific contest(s). This information is paramount to their decision making process.
For which audience has "Rank Your Pins" been developed?
"Rank Your Pins" has been developed for both manufacturers and all people that are members of their potential target audiences. These people can be obtained from the Facebook and/or Twitter communities of the manufacturers on one side and from the open public community on the other side.
What happens with my contest?
A contest has several statuses. Inactive when you create a new contest. Active when you activated the contest. Finally you can close the contest or it will close when the end date has been reached. At all times you can view the state of your contest in the "Manage contests" section.
How long will results be stored?
The results will be stored until the contest manager deletes the contest. Closed contests cannot be viewed by public audiences anymore.
Where are all results stored?
The results are stored in the "Rank Your Pins" application on the Rank Your Pin servers. Only owners of the contests can review the results after a contest has been closed.
Which subscriptions are there?
Currently there are three subscriptions. Free and two premium subscriptions, Medium and Large. Everyone who registers get one free contest. The free contest is very limited but it gives you a good insight how powerful the application is. You also have the option to buy a premium subscription. This includes many advantages, extensive reporting options among others.
Which payment methods can I use?
Currently our system only support payments using PayPal.
How can I create an account?
Just sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account, it's that simple.
What does "Public contest" mean?
With "Rank Your Pins" you can create public contest or a private contest. The free contest is private by default. If you purchased a premium subscription then you have the option to set it public or private. Public means that the contest will be published on our homepage and all the "Rank Your Pins" visitors can join the contest. This generates advertising value for your brand.
Why do I have to approve access for the RYP Application in Facebook?
The Facebook application is used to register an account and to login into the "Rank Your Pins" web application. The web application collects the following information: Public name and email address. "Rank Your Pins" will not use any other data. You can however distribute the contest link personally to your friends.

Please sent us an email if you have other questions.